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    Keke Palmer and Dream In Black Honorees Share How They Will Continue To Pave The Way For Future Makers

    You know how we love when known and unknown people take the initiative to uplift our community. When IMPACT received this opportunity to share the amazing news on how AT&T’s first-ever inaugural Dream in Black 28 list, AT&T has partnered with 27 celebrated leaders.

    During Black History Month, Dream In Black, an always-on platform created by AT&T to celebrate Black culture and the creators who shape it, is proud to honor the Dream In Black 28 Future Makers by unveiling its first-ever Dream in Black 28 list. This list will include 27 creators who have the courage to Dream in Black. In its inaugural year, Dream In Black has collaborated with Queen Latifah to curate a list that pays homage to the past and celebrates the future.

    Coming off the heels of guest hosting The Wendy Williams Show, Actress, Keke Palmer is on another mission. The Scream Queens star, has recently joined such notable names such as Queen Latifah, Devon Franklin, Terrence J, Lena Waithe, Khalid, Phoebe Robinson, Zendaya and Van Jones to inspire, uplift, and break barriers for the Black culture and is now sharing her secrets to success as a “Dream In Black Future Maker” just in time for Black History Month.

    “When I hear the phrase ‘Dream In Black’ it makes me think about going as far as I could possibly go despite what people have said to me, but using my culture and my hardships and everything that makes me who I am to just be my very best.My hope for the future is to continue to always evolve and always stay connected to my community and help them inspire one another as much as they’ve inspired me…just continue to grow. I believe in my dreams and all you have to do is Dream In Black, baby!” – KEKE PALMER

    Click here for more information about AT&T’s Black Future Month celebration and the Dream In Black 28.

    Written By: Editor-In-Chief, Tunisha Brown @momentswithtunisha for @impactmagazine

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