5 Ways To Secure The Bag

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They say hindsight is always 20/20 but, what if it doesn’t have to be? What if you didn’t have to hit rock bottom and start over because you weren’t prepared for your “happily ever after” to end?  Ladies, we have to ensure that we secure the bag for ourselves because we should never be solely dependent on anyone else. Time and time again women choose to forego their education, careers and entrepreneurial efforts for the idea of love and family.  All too often, we are left alone to handle the responsibilities of family and come up short with finding true love.  While it is natural to desire companionship, let’s not forget to use our heads when chasing matters of the heart.

Secure Your Heart 

Take your time and truly identify what it is that makes you happy and what goals you want to achieve for yourself.  One of the main reasons we fail at both love and relationships is, placing all our hopes and dreams in the concept that we need someone else’s presence in our lives to complete us.  Having a spouse and family is great but, it should be an extension of who you already are.  It should never distract you from your goals, overshadow your voice, your desires and your God given purpose in life.


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Secure Your Bag

Ladies, ladies, ladies, please secure your finances.  Preferably, prior to getting into a relationship.  Money attracts money, stability attracts stability and broke attracts broke. If you find that you are always attracting the same kind of people in your life, take inventory of your shortcomings. We are not able to make space for increase in any area of our lives that we are not working towards or mentally prepared to receive.  Having a rainy day savings account is not only responsible, it is the 1 sure thing you can do for yourself that allows you the freedom to make moves as you please. So many women are stuck in abusive, toxic and/or just plain bad relationships because they live paycheck to paycheck and seemingly can’t afford to leave their partner.  This is an easy one to avoid.

Secure Your Dreams

Many of us walk around praying, wishing, reading books, attending workshops and searching everywhere but internally to discover our life’s purpose. While all of these are good, helpful and necessary in their own way; never forget or diminish the natural ability we have within to define our path.  Identifying your reason for existing and operating in it is a joy no man or woman can ever take from you. Imagine how much better it would be if you can make a living out of doing what you love.

Secure Your Trust

I am and will forever be an eternal optimist but, I am not a fool.  As much I prefer to see the good in everyone, the reality is that most often the ones closest to you can and will hurt you the most.  No one is exempt, not your family, friends, business partners, employees and acquaintances. If at anytime you find it necessary to mix your personal relationships with money, always seek legal counsel and sign contracts when needed to protect yourself and your investments.  It’s called being smart and ensuring there is no confusion, miscommunication, or unclear intent as it pertains to the business of your money.

Secure Your Future

There are a million ways to invest in yourself. Whether you are seeking additional education or on the job training, make sure you are continually learning and keeping yourself marketable.  The needs of the workplace are ever-changing and you should always be willing to learn a new skill or perfect a task to remain relevant.  Be knowledgeable of any employee stock options, 401K plans and IRA’s.  Also, seek the guidance of a financial consultant who can help you better manage your money and help prepare you for retirement.

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