Actor Hill Harper Delivers 5000 Gallons Of Water To Flint Michigan Residents

It has been 6 years, Flint still doesn’t have clean water! According to ABC News 12 in Michigan, countless children now beginning to show the effects of lead poisoning. Multiple people died of Legionnaires’ disease. And the community’s trust in their government is broken.

Each day, families have to go to distribution centers to receive water. People are relying on this water to brush their teeth, cook, clean and bathe. One resident said she stopped taking showers because the water was breaking her out with rashes. Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley said he doesn’t blame the residents for not trusting the government.

This is when the motto, “Am I my brother’s keeper”, steps in to play because no one is going to take care of us, but US! Actor/Activist, Hill Harper, has partnered with the National Clean Water Collective to provide water for the city. Harper has been working in the city of Flint for some years now. He especially wanted to be there for the city during this time of the pandemic, COVID-19.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@hillharper

Harper is taking the stance we all must do from this moment on. We have to revert to the days of helping each other out. If Flint not having clean water in 6 years and a pandemic where businesses (who don’t need it) can receives billions of dollars, you need to open your eyes to what is really is happening.

Be careful. Be safe. Be your brother’s keeper.

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