Ask MarthaE: I’ve Launched My Boutique – Now, How Do I Figure Out Pricing & Driving Traffic To My Site?

Question asked by Marlene Jarrett of @noli_fashion:

I launched my boutique 3/1/2020 and I am having difficulty driving traffic to my site and figuring out my pricing. I want be competitive and still account for discounts given such as a sale. It seem so overwhelming.

What advice can you give in those areas for new entrepreneurs?

Hello IMarE Queen Marlene,

This is a great great question. Launching a boutique or business can be challenging but you have to stay the course. Giving up is so easy but nothing easy is worth having.

The perfect solution to get traffic to your site is hiring influencers. Everyone follows at least 1-4 Influencers. Most will charge, but take the risk for your brand.  Always search the hash tag for Influencers, reach out to them for help; guess what, if you contact 10 people, 1-2 will respond. Close mouths don’t get fed hunni!

Another great way to get traffic to your site is running Facebook or Instagram ads. Yes it may cost 5.00-10.00 but someone will see you and make sure you using your hash tags. #boutique, #curvystyle, #instastyle, this is just a few but there are more.

Now let’s talk about pricing, my price is my price okkkkkkk! And sis, I can say that because I use a professional makeup artist, a professional photographer, a Creative Director, and a glam house as a studio which is not cheap! So no matter what another boutique price is, make your money and make it make sense for your brand. Follow other boutiques to be inspired but don’t copy and focus on their prices. Do you!

Now sales are good, but make sure you are not buying more inventory than you can handle so you don’t have a sale. Your goal should be to sell out at regular price and even add a few restocks. It will get overwhelming, after 4 and a half years and being very successful guess what, I get overwhelmed. But I’m reminded God gave me this gift, my girls are watching, my family is counting on me, and my customers need to shop lol!

Take deep breaths, work out, do yoga, fast and pray and put God first and know that when it gets hard, he will always bring you through, he gives us beauty for ashes, you got this queen!



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