Ask MarthaE: When Will Your Mentorship Begin & How Do You Juggle Success, Family & God Flawlessly?

Question asked by Shaunee Evans of @fashionee_kouture:

When will your mentorship program begin? 

How do you juggle success, family & God so flawlessly? 

Dear IMarE Queen Shaunee Evans @fashionee_kouture:

My mentorship will begin again in March 2021.  I stopped mentoring in September 2020 so I can focus on my new business venture, “The I’MarE Glamhouse,” however I have received many requests to resume. 

I am very hard on myself and critique myself a lot as well.  I really didn’t like mentoring via Zoom. I found that my mentees who had face to face sessions or meet ups with me liked that part better because it was hands on rather than through a screen.  But due to Covid, it worked. I feel like I can offer more of MarthaE face to face.  I want to see you guys as much as you all want to see me.  I want us to pray, have girl time, see day to day what MarthaE does and all of the behind the scenes to run a successful business. I’m praying that we can do this in March.  I want to surround myself with at least 50 Bosses and chop it up!

Now your second question, hunni chile I’m getting anxiety just reading it!

Success is not easy, but it’s a blessing to be successful.  With success there can be anxiety, depression, worry and fear, but as long as you trust God, you will be ok babe.  A lot of times when my anxiety is on 10, I’ve been taught to breathe. So I breathe, and the breath of fresh air reminds me that my lungs are working, so God I thank you and I trust you! So baby girl, take deep breaths and know that whatever you are facing, you can breathe again. 

Family time is important, the good thing is I get to work with my oldest daily while she is in school online, so at that time we can have small talk and I mentor her.  With my youngest being in school and my hubby working 12 plus hours a day, now that’s where the challenges come! Spending time with England and Elliott, the terrible E’s… lol! I make sure I’m done working before England gets home, I make sure her homework is done and listen to everything and I mean EVERYTHING she want to talk about. Now Elliott on the other hand gets his time when he is in the shower lol. I’ll sit on the counter in our restroom and I’m all ears.  Every night we all eat together while something is playing on my hubby phone because your girl hates smacking lol! 

I pray every morning. I sometimes pray every 3 hours and I love worship music. I’m a big tither and a huge giver and this too is why I am successful.  Before Covid I was at church every Sunday but now  the building is closed. So guess what, online church it is.  But we are the church so now its about your relationship with the Almighty. 

With God, All things are possible. Take deep breaths and tackle the day, when it gets tough, breath and remember YOU CAN ALWAYS BREATHE AGAIN!

With love,


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