Ask MarthaE: Where Do You Get Your Hair Units?

Question asked by Tresia Hughes of @imalwayzalady:

Hello Martha E, Martha B, Martha EB, Martha Berry, I’MarE,

Whew chile now that I’ve spoken to all of y’all. Lol I would like information on your hair units. What brand of hair do you use? Who makes your units? 

Dear IMarE Queen…

Hey girl Hey,

Queen, you have called out all of my names, lol!  The funny part is, I can be all of those people when I wear my hair units.  Kandi does all of my hair units.  She can be found on Instagram as @kandi.koated_hair.  She has been doing my units since 2019.  

I normally use her brand or get her suggestion about purchasing hair.  I have many units; curly, straight, bobs, red, green and blonde.  My favorite is my 26” inch straight blonde highlighted wig, hunni that’s when the real MarthaE comes out.  Her units give me life.  I never knew I could wear different textures and colors and still look bomb!

When doing my photoshoots I match my outfits with my units because I want to give my customers an experience and sell them on the real. A hair style can make or break an outfit.  The good thing is, if you are getting dressed and heading out, you can always switch your units if needed lol.

You can turn on and off; Thursday to Tuesday, I’m Martha Berry, working and playing Mommie and wifey. Come Wednesday, I’m the one and only MarthaE when I get my makeup done, put on I’MarE looks for the week and my units!  

And as they say, if you want to make him feel like he cheating, get you some units lol!

With Love,


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