Ask MarthaE: Will You Be Offering Mentorship?

Question asked by Cashina Bruce:

Will You be doing mentorship again anytime soon?

Dear IMarE Queen Cashina,

This is the million dollar question and I have the million dollar answer… YES!

I love mentoring.  Mentoring keeps me humble and shows I’m not the jealous or selfish type.  You have to have a genuine heart to mentor and give individuals your secrets.  I’m not afraid of anyone winning, we can all win.  One thing I do is pray before I select anyone because some people have bad energy or have hidden agendas.  

I have mentored over 25 plus ladies! I’m proud to say they are all killing it and doing well.

I plan to open the mentorship March 2021.  By this time I will be finished with my wedding and my daughters 21st Birthday.  This time it will be big but in person; Face to Face with MarthaE.  I have more details that I can’t share just yet.  Having a business is just not about selling clothes; you have to make sure your business is legit, taxes in order, and you need key points on how to stay in business, not just starting.

I would love to mentor you and meet you. It’s a challenge being a mentor because everyone learn differently but you just have to be patient hunni, very patient lol.  When you mentor you become a psychiatrist, a relationship counselor, hunni you name it… I have so many titles from helping my Queens! 

I take my mentorship program seriously, so if you are going to teach the teacher, aht aht we are not going to do that lol.  The key is to be teachable and learnable. 

I look forward to seeing you in March!

With Love,


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