Ask MarthaE: How Did You Begin The Process Of Making Yourself The Face Of Your Brand?

Question asked by LaQuetta of @sultryslayboutique

Hello Queen LaQuetta,

Girllllllll what a question!  When I started I’MarE, I had no idea I would be the face of my brand or start modeling.  You see I was very shy and didn’t have any confidence.  Putting the clothes on wasn’t the problem, standing behind the camera was the issue for me; I hated it.  

I started realizing that my social media was looking like everyone else’s page.  I had a come to Jesus and realized it was lazy to use vendor pictures.  I needed to put in more work!  

You must be willing to unattached yourself from a lot of things to do this because every time someone see me, they say, “Hi, Ms. I’MareE.”  Being the face of your brand is also tied into your image, meaning what and how you do things when away from your brand.  

Being the face of I’MarE was the best thing for my brand.  Many boutique owners reach out to influencers but you have to first see who the influencer is influencing!  One thing MarthaE will do is sell anything she wears because I now have confidence and with my photoshoots I make it an experience.

I also feel like customers will respect you because they see the hard work behind photoshoots and running a business at the same time.  

Girl if you scroll down my page you’ll see me in that lil ugly Mirror posing with my camera phone, that was the introduction to MarthaE, now you see me in lights, camera, and action, styling and profiling, giving you Queens life through fashion!

With Love,


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