Ask MarthaE: How Much Money Is Needed To Start A Business?

Questions asked by Violet Star:

Hello IMarE Queen,

This is a very important question. I can only answer this question based on experience in the boutique world. Initially, I began my business with 0.00 saved. I was a single parent of 2 girls receiving only 444.00 weekly unemployment. Realizing I had 2 months of unemployment benefits left, I decided to start my online boutique!

Upon starting, the best thing for me was to do was to obtain preorders by posting vendor pictures with the hope of selling at least one or two items, in order to purchase the bundle. A bundle inventory that comes in a pack of 6.

Considering I am a successful business owner now with experience, I encourage my mentees to have at least $2000.00 to began their new businesses. This allows you the opportunity to set up your own website, a photoshoot, and buying inventory in order to start selling to the online world. If you are employed, I also advise investing into your business by paying yourself at least 25% in order to buy inventory in order to keep the business running!

Money shouldn’t stop you from living your dream. With a little faith, you can do whatever it is your heart desire.

With Love, MarthaE

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