10 Year Old CEO Creates School Supplies For Brown Girls

Kamaria Warren is a ten year old CEO who designs schools supplies for young girls of color. This mini mogul is an Atlanta native and after being nationally recognized by the renowned publication “NOW THIS HER” she has gained the attention and support of her community. Brown Girls Stationery (BGS) is a business that Kamaria and her mother started after recognizing the lack of representation within stationery product designs.  Her online store offers backpacks, t-shirts, notebooks, bedspreads, blankets, shower curtains, umbrellas and party supplies for girls of color. Her inspiration behind BGS was to develop a brand that Black and Brown girls could identify with. Kamari says that when girls her age go shopping for stationery products, she wants them to see characters that are a reflection of themselves and their interests. 

Kamaria believes that it is important to give girls of color something that they can relate to. Several of her designs feature young girls with disabilities and common disorders like Vitiligo. Her hope is to empower anyone who connects with her brands characters so that they are no longer afraid of what makes them unique. 

Kamaria Warren w/her notebook Mini CEO

She describes her design process as collaborative. The first step in her design process is to examine her surroundings: friends, school and the community to think about what she may want to include in BGS product designs.  The second step Kamaria tackles is creating a Pinterest board that has the colors she wants to use, and the outfit choices in order to help her mom and contracted illustrator get a better feel of what she wants. Lastly, she sends off the final design ideas to her illustrator to complete the drawings. Her favorite part of the process is watching everything come to life as she and her mother use Photoshop and Illustrator to create realistic mock-ups of the final product. 

The hardworking CEO recently launched her new brand to inspire all kids to become entrepreneurs. Mini CEO Academy provides new kidpreneurs with membership access to a website full of business videos and tools for kids by a kid. At the close of this year BGS will be launching their Little Genius collection to include STEM related designs for both girls and boys. In the next five years, Kamaria want to have her own store where she can print and design for other businesses. She also wants to have her products in large retail stores to expand her reach.  

Let’s be sure to follow and purchase from this remarkable young lady. Kamaria can be followed @browngirlsstationery on both Instagram and Facebook. Website:

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  • Betty A Sasser

    I am the very proud grandmother of this wonderfully blessed child. To God be the glory for what He has done and is doing in her life. Thank you Impact Magazine for this recognition!

    October 31, 2019 at 7:57 pm Reply
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