Black Physicians Of Utah Joined Together To Focus On Equitable Representation In The Medical Profession To Eliminate Racial Health Disparities & Unify People Of Color In The Medical Field

Black Physicians of Utah envision a Utah that equitably represents persons of African descent in medical professions and eliminates racialized health disparities in Utah state.

As an organization, they strive to begin to build a community of Black physicians, residents, interns, medical students, and aspiring physicians to be. By creating a social network they can connect personally and continue to learn together.

Their aim is to work towards achieving health equity for Black and underserved Utahns. They hope to provide a platform not only for Black physicians and physicians in training but also for the Black community to be able to easily reach and connect with a physician they can trust to understand the day-to-day inequities they face while seeking medical care.

Black physicians are needed around the country! There are so many deaths that are preventable taking place in our community. According to the CDC, black women are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women – and this disparity increases with age. Most pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. With groups such as the Black Physicians of Utah, they can help to eliminate these tragedies that are preventable through the understanding of the population and risks.

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