King Bryce Nicholas Creates Financial Literacy Book For Elementary Aged Children

How many times have you said the schools should be teaching our kids about financial literacy? Well, another school year is here and there hasn’t been any talk on adding this curriculum to the school’s roster!

Young King, Bryce Nicholas, went to his parents to ask if they could produce a book together on his favorite subject, money! Since his mother, Shaniqua Nicole is a financial guru who owns the Money Maven Club, the pairing made $en$e!

Bryce Nicholas – IG: @iambrycenicholas

ABC’s for Rich Kids is an educational book to teach elementary aged children the basics of Finance and encourage self education amongst our youngest learners. In this easy to read book with explainer videos children will start their journey learning Personal and Business Finance terms. We encourage parents to read along and have an open discussion about money and wealth with their children.

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You can purchase the book from Amazon by going to this link,

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