Amplifying Black Women’s Voices: In A Room With Decision Makers

Being invited into a room full of decision makers and given an opportunity to have a voice is a powerful experience, especially for someone who is often underrepresented. I recently had the privilege of attending a private dinner hosted by JP Morgan and Chase, where I got to participate in conversations centered around their black wealth initiative. This opportunity not only allowed me to voice the concerns of the black community but also gave me a chance to contribute to discussions on advancing economic inclusion and closing the racial wealth gap. If you are not black, you cannot speak to the experiences of black men and women, make decisions for us, nor undervalue the immeasurable merit of the black perspective. The inclusion of black men and women in the discussion of the black wealth initiative is instrumental in effecting positive change within the community.

A Commitment to Economic Inclusion:

JP Morgan Chase believes that a truly inclusive business landscape strengthens the economy. In 2020, they announced their groundbreaking $30 billion Racial Equity Commitment, demonstrating their dedication to narrowing the racial wealth gap and advancing economic inclusion among underserved Black, Hispanic, and Latino customers and communities in the United States. By bringing together decision makers and individuals deeply connected to marginalized communities, JP Morgan Chase acknowledges that diversity of thought and representation can drive meaningful change.

The Power of Black Women’s Voices:

As a black woman, my presence at the table offers a unique perspective that is essential to advancing social and economic progress. Black women are at the forefront of numerous fields, including entrepreneurship, education, and culture-shaping. Recognizing the significance of our voices enables decision makers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by our community and the potential solutions that can uplift us.


Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, building businesses that contribute to our society’s economic vitality. By inviting black women into decision-making spaces, we can share insights and experiences from our entrepreneurial journeys, discussing the support needed to foster growth and success within our communities.

Black women have always played a pivotal role in driving cultural change. Our perspectives on community, diversity, media representation, and social justice are vital for decision makers to understand and incorporate. By amplifying our voices, we can collectively challenge existing norms, advocate for equal representation, and create a more inclusive society that celebrates and values our contributions.

Being invited into a room full of decision makers is an invaluable opportunity for a black woman. Events like the private dinner hosted by JP Morgan Chase not only recognize the importance of diverse voices but actively seek to incorporate them into conversations that shape society. When black women have a seat at the decision-making table, our perspectives, concerns, and ideas can address the wealth gap, foster economic inclusion, and drive positive change for our communities and society as a whole. It is my hope that more organizations follow suit and continue to prioritize diverse representation and inclusion at every level of decision making.

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