Ardre Orie Launches Line Of Luxury Handbags & Fashion Accessories

Author, acclaimed publisher and celebrity ghostwriter, Ardre Orie, has hand written a new heart-song style story, extending her fire for fashion to create a luxury line of vegan leather handbags and accessories. 

Crowne Avenue is “reinventing the world’s approach to luxury essentials” and “seeks to manifest a progressive mindset for the company towards evolution as one of the world’s most desirable brands”, says the fashion forward wordsmith. 

Ardre’s attention to detail and eye for excellence guided her goal of offering staples that standout and empower the everyday Queen to, unapologetically, claim her Crowne. 

As an accomplished author, and CEO of her international publishing company, 13th & Joan Publishing House, with offices in the U.S.A and South Africa, Ardre is dedicating her value-added skill set of this unfolding chapter, to the fashion-famished emerging entrepreneur and the established expert alike. 

Ardre Orie, Crowne Avenue

From classic clutches and coveted corsets to abbreviated and full length gloves, quality craftsmanship has you, and your passport, covered in conscious-friendly, fine, faux, vegan leather. Snakeskin prints, wrapped in royal red, back-to-black or a wispy write-white, work together or independently in a fierce flex of gold-toned, tagged, bagged and buckled embellished touch-points. Crown Avenue is for the woman who doesn’t have to be told she comes from royalty. She knows it.

Ardre’s career spanning over 30 years, has established a clientele including a host of celebrities, entrepreneurs and influencers.  The story-teller to CEO has earned her latest jewel on her resume, as a designer and has perfectly positioned Crowne Avenue to help women structure their own style story. 

For more information, please contact: or by phone: 1-224-237-3328, or visit the Crowne Avenue website at Follow and engage via social media on Instagram and Facebook: @crowneavenue 

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