Designer Clyde Lourdez Creates Couture Made For Comfort With Adinkra Symbols On Leather Sleeves

Founded in 2019 Clyde Lourdez’s number one goal is to pack the most comfort possible in a classic staple piece made with the right blends of fabric. From the satin lined in their hats, to the elastane mixed in the fabrics they use, every piece is made with you in mind. Clyde Lourdez coined the term C0M*FOR*TURE- Couture made for comfort because style and comfort should go hand to hand.

Quez, the designer, is a by-product of the 90s. Raised in South Florida by a single Haitian mother. Like a lot of teens growing up in the 90s, Hip-Hop had a huge influence on him. From the way you walked to the way you wore your hair or clothes, it was all about taking a piece and doing everything in your power to make it uniquely yours. 

Tunisha Brown, IMPACT Magazine’s Founder/Editor-In-Chief says, “When I saw the pictures of the Clyde Lourdez collection, I knew I had to have a piece from it! When I received The Clyde Lourdez Adinkra Varsity jacket, the design, look, and feel made me instantly hit my closet to find clothing to wear with it! The designs logo, the meaning behind the symbols, made me proud to wear the jacket.”

The Clyde Lourdez Adinkra Varsity jacket features a chenille CL logo on the front left chest, elastic striped ribbed knit hems, and a snap button front closure. Smooth wool exterior, inside pocket on a quilted satin inner lining, and leather sleeves with chenille Adinkra symbols on each. Adinkra symbols come from the Bono people of Gyaman, an Akan people of Ghana.

  • 1st. Symbol stands for God’s presence and protection
  • 2nd. Symbol stands for Abundance and affluence
  • 3rd. Symbol stands for Leadership, security, and power

Be sure to check out Clyde Lourdez to purchase the Clyde Lourdez Adinkra Varsity jacket and more. Follow on social media, @clydelourdez.

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