Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers & Luxurious Credit’s Arnita Johnson-Hall Partner To Bring Awareness To The Importance Of Credit Management

Teaching How To Live A Luxuriously Bomb Life Through Credit & Financial Stability

As a mother of four, a wife, but most importantly as a woman, Mrs. Arnita Johnson-Hall has made it her primary mission to empower and engage women to invest in themselves to evolve. Arnita Johnson-Hall of Luxurious Credit knows very well the reward in gradually developing yourself because she has gone from Medicaid to Multi-Millionaire by desiring a life of change.

Arnita Johnson-Hall’s vision is revolutionary not only because it improves the lives of others, but because it teaches them that their alternate reality is just within arm’s reach. She and her team help their clients meet the challenge of big banks and bureaus without being intimidated through Luxurious Credit tips and products. Luxurious Credit restores bad credit and mismanaged finances, for the client to become credible again. Through Luxurious Credit’s quality programs and products, clients can successfully reach their financial goals and sustain buying power. By spreading and sharing financial knowledge, education, and information, Arnita pay’s it forward.

August 2006, Claire Sulmers founded the blog The Fashion Bomb, a daily destination for the multicultural fashionista. From celebrity style to fashion news, trend reports to street style, the blog delivers fresh, engaging content from an informed point of view. With 2.4 million monthly visitors, Claire Sulmers has been transparent on saving, investing, and working hard for the life you want.

Claire says, “As a fashion lover and style enthusiast, I love nice things–but luxurious items often come with a high price tag! I got myself into serious credit card debt in my twenties–until I got serious and focused about budgeting, spending, and making sure I was always on the right track financially. I have come a long way, but still have a way to go. I decided to partner with Luxurious Credit because I want to be my best! And I want other fashion lovers to know that they can have luxurious items while also having luxurious credit! Feeling secure financially makes you feel good on the inside, and makes you look even better on the outside. I am elated to take this journey with Arnita of Luxurious Credit!”

‘I sought out Claire for this partnership because of her authentic story on the sacrifices she made with her finances and credit while pursuing her dream and the responsible actions she took to
become financially stable. The transparency she shared about her finances in her world of luxuriousness, took the sustenance needed for this partnership,’ says Arnita.

With Arnita’s success in teaching clients to effectively reach their financial goals and Claire’s candidness of being a multicultural fashionista who is financially conscious, a partnership was inevitable! Arnita Johnson-Hall & Claire Sulmers has partnered to bring awareness to the importance of credit and how to manage finances to live a luxuriously bomb life!

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Written by: Tunisha Brown

@impactmagazine @momentswithtunisha


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