Dr. Christopher Chappell & Grace Community Christian Church Celebrate Easter By “Raising Hope Through Help”

March 6, 2017-Atlanta, GA- On Sunday, April 16, 2017 Entrepreneur, Author and Pastor, Dr. Christopher Chappell, & Grace Community Christian Church will celebrate Easter Sunday by “Raising Hope Through Help.” Dr. Chappell will partner with area non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals to serve over 5000 people in need this season. The mission of the “Raising Hope Through Help” campaign is to celebrate the life of Christ through the care and feeding of others, not based upon status but based upon love. Dr. Chappell and Grace Community Christian Church will strive to assist all in need including: families, college students, unemployed, widows and widowers, homeless, people of all ethnic backgrounds and more. Atlanta & Cobb County media partners are encouraged to spread the word about this campaign in order to reach Cobb County’s underserved in multitude.


As the Founder and Pastor of Grace Community Christian Church, Dr. Chappell fights vigorously to make a difference in the lives of others daily. “It is important to me that people see Christ through the actions of others. When love is delivered people experience renewed strength, revival of hope, and those who are in need receive help.”, explained Dr. Chappell. The “Raising Hope Through Help” campaign is a call to action to the entire Cobb County Community. The battle with poverty cannot be fought alone. Corporate and individual sponsors in addition to volunteers will play a vital part in making the “Raising Hope Through Help” campaign a success.

For more details regarding Raising Hope Through Help or to find out how you can get involved please contact or visit For all media request for Dr.Christopher Chappell contact

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