Erica Mena’s Suspension From LHHATL For Calling Spice A ‘Blue Monkey’ May Not Be About Merit But Backlash

You’ve seen the footage… or maybe you haven’t, Erica Mena, known from Love & Hip Hop, made disparaging remarks towards Dancehall Queen Spice, referring to her as a “blue monkey.” This incident has sparked outrage and rightfully so. Erica, who’s made racial slurs in the past, was suspended for a season (she should have been fired) for a season for such use of the term, some say not because of merit, but because of backlash! 

It is disheartening to witness such derogatory language being used, especially when it perpetuates harmful stereotypes that have plagued the black community for far too long. This incident raises questions about the levels of respect and equality afforded to individuals from different communities. While Erica Mena faced backlash for her actions and was eventually suspended for a season, it is crucial to acknowledge that some believe this decision was prompted by the public’s response, rather than an immediate recognition of the gravity of her remarks. Activist & rapper Wise Intelligent asked, “Why was the episode aired?” Advocate Tamika Mallory has always stated how dangerous Love & Hip Hop is to the black community and how we can’t control every aspect of these shows, but we can draw the line at racial slurs! We concur!

As a community that tirelessly advocates for empowerment, encouragement, and education, it is our responsibility to speak out against any form of disrespect and discrimination. We must come together and demand the respect that our community deserves, not just in the aftermath of such incidents, but as an ongoing commitment.

Respect should not be something that is earned or withheld based on one’s race or ethnicity. Respect is a fundamental human right that every individual, regardless of their background, is entitled to. It is high time that the black community is afforded the same level of respect that other communities demand and receive without hesitation.

Until we receive this respect from across the board, we must continue to keep our foot on their necks!

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