Gwendolyn S. Woody Empowers Women To Recognize Their Health Is Wealth

When it comes to the phrase, “your health is your wealth” – there are few people who embody it better than esteemed nurse and nutritionist, Gwendolyn S. Woody.

As the founder of The Wellness Loft, she educates and empowers women of color to kick the glucose habit and sugar addiction and adopt a healthier lifestyle. With an innate compassion for helping others, Gwendolyn is living out her dreams as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). This career path has led her to step into her purpose and become a Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and a Public Health Partner recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Secure Access Management Services (SAMS).

Gwendolyn uses her decade of nursing and nutrition experience to educate others about overcoming health obstacles and not succumbing to generational illnesses. She is well known for being a truth-teller who keeps it real with her clients – all while motivating them to achieve their health goals.

Holding certifications as a nutritionist, diabetes education specialist and weight loss coach, Gwendolyn continues to pave the way for hundreds of stressed and obese women of color to leave the unhealthy lifestyle behind by providing guidance, wisdom, and inspiration.

When she is not in the trenches serving patients, working with clients and contracting with governmental agencies and corporations, Gwendolyn still finds time to continue her quest to educate the masses. And as a published author, she earned the prestigious ACHI Magazine Award.

Your health is genuinely your wealth, and you can count on Gwendolyn to make you “rich.”

Gwendolyn S. Woody will be articles for IMPACT Magazine on living a wealthy life via our health. Be sure to find her on social media, @thenutritionistandnurse.

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