Holistic Health Educator Opens Exclusive Med Spa Oasis For Women And Men With Chronic Illnesses

When some women set out to find what life holds for them, what they are really searching for is how they can create more to get more. 

And then there are the women who desire to discover what they were created to do so they can give more. 

Letisha Royster is one of those women. 

A Certified Advanced Nail Technician, Master Pedicurist, and Holistic Health Educator, Letisha is the owner of Atlanta’s own Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa, an exclusive oasis for women and men seeking the ultimate relaxation experience. 

After narrowly escaping a layoff from her successful corporate career, Letisha knew something had to shift. For years, she’d been suffocating from a lack of passion for her life and her work. She needed more than a job and financial security—she needed something to breathe life into herself again. She always loved artistry, so some soul searching led her to explore nail art. Between traditional nail school and advanced foot care training, she learned the industry inside out. And what she found was there was a large segment of consumers, those living with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and other autoimmune conditions, who could not enjoy nail and foot care in standard salons due to the high risk of infections and complications from standard practices. 

Her search for a passion became her discovery of a purpose. 

Letisha is now on a mission to make nail and foot care inclusive again while redefining what today’s nail spa has become. Instead of the run-of-the-mill depot offering a rushed, impersonal, non-hygienic service, Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa offers a holistic, transformative experience that provides true care and healing for anyone who desires beautiful, healthy hands and feet. 

Letisha’s advanced, waterless nail and foot care technique helps her clients not just look and feel beautiful, but to release toxins and stress from the mind and body. Each service is a wellness process, featuring top-notch natural and vegan products that nourish the skin as well as the spirit. 

As an expert and educator, Letisha speaks to medical professionals about the necessity of safe, quality nail care for high-risk patients, as well as beauty professionals who are seeking to expand their salons and careers with holistic, waterless services.  

Whether she is teaching the masses or providing individual clients the care and confidence they deserve, Letisha is giving all she has— information, inspiration, and soul. 

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