Domo, Facebook, And Silicon Slopes Partners With Content Creator For Black Women’s Initiative In Utah

According to The Salt Lake City Tribune, Wallethub ranked Utah as the lowest state for women’s equality! In this ranking, black women weren’t even considered. 

2022 IMPACT Magazine’s mission is to not only empower black women in Utah and around the country, but to equip them with the resources to make an IMPACT in their industries, communities, and around the world.  

March 6-8, 2022 IMPACT Magazine will partner with Domo, Facebook, and Silicon Slopes to produce  “IMPACT Black Women: Mind, Body, Soul Experience” at Grand America in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This initiative experience from IMPACT will bring black women together in Utah who are seeking to enrich their lives, coupled with opportunities to pitch her business to investors during the networking mixer, for those who are seeking employment opportunities from companies like Domo during the IMPACT Experience, with an uplifting word during the brunch from the keynote speaker. 

Miss Emma Houston receiving her gift during the “Who’s Who Networking Mixer” from Founder/Editor-In-Chief of IMPACT Magazine, Tunisha Brown

Tunisha Brown, Founder/Editor-In-Chief of IMPACT Magazine says, “When I read how black women weren’t considered in Utah, I shrugged my shoulders and said, well that’s okay because I’ve been considering black women for 14 years. I’m going to bring opportunities to black women that will place them in a position to consider themselves!”

Founder/CEO of Domo, Josh James states, “Domo is proud to partner with IMPACT Magazine as it launches the Utah-based Black Women’s Initiative. Programs like this one are key to attracting and retaining more diverse talent for our state. Supporting this groundbreaking effort to raise the visibility of Black women in Utah aligns with our ongoing efforts to help create a community where everyone feels welcome, recognized, and included.”

 This 3-Day Experience is for black women who are seeking an opportunity to enrich her mind, body, and soul through tangible efforts through pitching her business, job opportunities, and an uplifting keynote.

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