IMPACT Black Women Experience Held In Utah For Black Women To Feel Psychologically Safe With Resources From Comcast/NBC Universal And Grant Opportunities From Goldman Sachs

Earlier this year when I read the article in the Salt Lake Tribune regarding women’s equality in Utah, I saw how black women weren’t even considered. At that moment, I created, IMPACT Black Women Experience for The IMPACT Magazine and went on a media tour to spread the word!

The IMPACT Black Women Experience is a safe space in a place where black women expressed they don’t feel psychologically safe or have resources to help them get to their next! This weekend’s IMPACT Black Women Experience was truly this and more! The women learned how to breathe in abundance and let go lack, how to accept the things they cannot change and to change the things they cannot accept, principles of storytelling in marketing, how to get in to politics, logistics, grants specifically for them, how to figure their “IT” out, feeling fear and doing “IT” anyway, and so much more!

I’m grateful to my partners Deneiva Knight, MSC of Comcast for bringing awareness to the women about their RISE program that provide technology, marketing, and other solutions for our businesses. Nicky Agyevi-Armah of Goldman Sachs came through to inform the women about their investment program, 1,000,000 Black Women. They specifically partnered to ask our guests what are they seeking investments on and how the guests can be benefactors of the 9 BILLION DOLLARS left in the program!

Dan Cook, the CEO of PDQ, put his money where his mouth was by not only hosting the 3 Day Experience, we had a full staff that ensured all things worked perfectly!

The speakers came through with their expertise with exercises with applicable steps for the ladies! Thank you to Nubia Peña, Leslie Lewis P.h.D., C.M.H., Lianna Kinard, Aanjel Clayton, Kimmy Paluch, Emma E Houston, LaTonya Jackson, and Justin Singh!

Closing the weekend out, Bri Ray and my girl Tommi Vincent put the cherry on top!!! I’m grateful of the support from Salt Lake City Mayor, Erin Mendenhall who came to the brunch and stayed the entire time! We were able to love on and honor a pillars in the Utah community, Emma E Houston and Kaletta Moody Lynch!

Through this initiative, IMPACT Magazine was able to give $1500 to Alyssha Dairsow, BS of CurlyMe! A resource to educate, empower and encourage young girls of color.

Thank you to News reporter, Sydnee Gonzalez who came the entire weekend to report on the Experience! I thought she was going to write one post event article, she told me yesterday, it’ll be a series of articles!

Listen, this movement is just getting started! Watch what comes from this Experience through these ladies! I’m telling you, we are all being intentional about being our sister’s keeper while we make an IMPACT in our lives and the lives of others!

Thank you to those who partnered to sponsor tickets for some of the women (all are not pictured) to attend the 3Day Experience:

McKenzie Bauer of Thread®
Alisa Malone of Spider Network
Sade’ Turner of Strong & Hanni Law Firm, PC
Brad Parker of Private Auto Loan
Sidni Lloyd-Shorter,PsyD of Utah Black Chamber

This is only the beginning! Theres a mighty work taking place for black women through IMPACT Magazine nationally and specifically in Utah! If you’d like to get involved, email

Until Spring 2023…

Be encouraged….

Written By: Tunisha Brown | Founder/Editor-In-Chief | IMPACT Magazine

Photographer: Tristan Barrocks
Photographer: Tristan Barrocks

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  • Ronda Fisher

    I attended the Impact Women conference this past weekend. I enjoyed it. There was great information, and I enjoyed listening to Tunisha’s story & Ms. Emma E, Houston, and Tommi Vincent were very motivational and inspiring. Most of all, I could network with other business owners. Thank you, Tunisha, for hosting this great event.

    September 1, 2022 at 6:09 pm Reply
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