Editor-In-Chief Of IMPACT Magazine Has The Tea That Will Get You To The Juice

Man listen, from 2018 up until this point, I have been GOING THROUGH! LMAO… Owning a media publication, or your own business, is not a joke! I press through keeping a lot of the lessons I learn to myself because a lot of the things I go through are with some of these jokers y’all follow and respect them in your own right, which is cool because a lot of them are great people; I’m just not dealing with them because of my own experiences…. and my experiences have nothing to do with you!

Through these ongoing lessons I’ve learned since 2018, and really since I began IMPACT-Magazine in 2007, my guidebook “I’ve Got The Tea That Will Get Me To The Juice” was created! The principles that were pulled out of me to go through these lessons, have been life-changing! I’m so excited to now be able to share my guidebook with you and the world!

“I’ve Got The Tea That Will Get Me To The Juice” provides clarity as to why our moves that were previously made doesn’t serve who or where we are now! Completing the work within this guidebook will bring clarity to your purpose, a master plan will be discovered, you’ll count-up the costs, which will give you a precise plan to implement, which is the juice!

This guidebook is exactly what you need right now! Order yours today from

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