India Monae Turned Tragedy Into Triumph By Creating A Platform Teaching Millennials How To Build Wealth

India Monae is an innovator, lifestyle influencer, and successful female real estate investor out of the Atlanta area. Blending her passions for fashion and real estate, India has created an influential platform teaching millennials how to build wealth and live the lives they’ve imagined. 

India began her career as a freelance fashion stylist after working for Beyonce’s Dereon and Nordstrom. Being able to use her gifts as a visual creator expanded her opportunities for curating timeless looks for Atlanta’s elite. India would later open an online clothing boutique called Her new business venture successfully grew to nearly $100k in a short period of time. This was only the beginning.

In Summer of 2015, leaving her boutique’s Pop Up Shop, India Monae’s life drastically shifted. While traveling in through Buckhead, Atlanta, a drunk driver collided with her vehicle at 85 mph, leaving the boutique owner temporarily handicapped and unable to care for her then 4-year old son. Left to depend on a wheelchair and faith, India pressed through this setback and answered a calling that would elevate her existing financial portfolio – Land Over Labels. 

Today, India Monae is traveling the world teaching millennials to create generational wealth and secure their legacies. 

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