It May Just Be Your Thyroid

For years I have been going through with my thyroid! It has gone from hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), to now hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). The thyroid controls majority of the body functions this is why I am up and down with my weight, hair loss, dry skin/hair, EXTREME fatigue, and that is not the half of it!

I’ve been going through this issue for over 16 years, I’m so excited today because I have finally found people and products who are able to help me on a consistent basis… and now I want to share with you my journey! I couldn’t speak on these things until I experienced some of the best in their field. Those who not only offer some of the best products, but service as well… because service is EXTREMELY important.

Every month on my podcast, I’m going to be speaking on my journey with my thyroid bringing awareness to what is working effectively for me and some other influencers who suffer from this issue as well. Be sure to download my podcast on Goggle Play or Apple App… look for IMPACT Magazine.

The new podcast entitled “It May Just Be Your Thyroid” has been uploaded. Listen to it, leave a comment and be sure to listen every week as I share my moments on the journey with you! Be sure to follow my journey on IG @momentswithtunisha and IMPACT @impactmagazine. #IMPACTMagazine #MomentsWithTunisha #IMPACTBrandStrategists #WeWERKin

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