Supermodel Jessica White & Reality Star Phaedra Parks Headline The Ivy Showroom Fur Shopping Showcase During Sundance Film Festival

The fur fashion showcase at the Edison House during Sundance Film Festival curated by Fiskani from the Ivy Showroom was a remarkable affair! The crowd embraced the diverse range of furs, from foxes to chinchillas, creating a luxurious spectacle. Some guests even arrived with their minks and left with new ones, adding a delightful twist to the event. The buzz continues as attendees can’t stop raving about the amazing showcase at Sundance.

Uncle Nearest stepped up the libation game, crafting custom cocktails that delighted the guests. The Side Side Car and the Uncle Nearest Old Fashioned took center stage, showcasing the brand’s commitment to premium mixology. Attendees savored the distinctive flavors, elevating the overall experience.

The decadent ambiance of the Edison House served as the perfect backdrop, seamlessly enhancing the flair of the fur fashion showcase. Its opulent setting complemented the luxurious fur creations on display, creating a sensory feast for attendees at the Sundance Film Festival. The venue’s allure added a touch of sophistication, elevating the overall experience and contributing to the unforgettable charm of the event.

“I take immense pride in our partnership with Fiskani, the visionary behind the Ivy Showroom, a black woman-owned haven of exquisite furs. Bringing her, along with supermodel Jessica White and reality star Phaedra White, to Utah for the event was a momentous collaboration. It not only showcased diverse talent but also highlighted the importance of amplifying black-owned businesses and influential figures within the fashion industry, creating a truly impactful and inclusive experience,” says Tunisha Brown, Founder/Editor-In-Chief of IMPACT Magazine.

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