Ladies Who Brunch Do Business Strategically To Ensure Bonafide Success

How do like minds meet? The best people meet while giving back to the community! Having met in November 2013 at a Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway in Atlanta, Georgia, Dayira Jones and Bianca Rush spoke about the need for an avenue for women to be able to seek to gather information or advice on best practices or experiences with becoming or being an entrepreneurial woman in today’s society. “We came together to collaborate to bring something that was missing in our city,” says, Dayira Jones. Dayira, better known as Dayybella, is the founder of notably successful Bella Bar Tee’s, and Bianca Rush, being the founder and co-owner of global brand Sassy Mitchell Hair, wanted to provide a solution to a need that they both felt was critical for women in business.  As a result of their conversation, Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta was established and began its first women’s brunch on December 15, 2013.  Since it’s birth in 2013, Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta has vastly grown to become a recognizable brand for women empowerment and creating connections for women to be successful.

“What has contributed to the growth of the Ladies Who Brunch phenomenon is the authenticity of the brand”, says Bianca. “People are having conversations that are helpful without any pressure applied and without people trying to sell their business, knowledge, or who they know. It is like a huge referral brunch where people are sharing their resources. The women who attend are serious about their growth and intentional about their conversations.”

Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta’s vision is to become the center point for women in business who want a direction or advice on how they can meet their business, personal or professional goals. The mission is to provide the opportunity for ladies to be enriched and successful in whichever direction they may choose. “Because we have listened to our audience, we now present topics that are more focused on tools and strategies,” says Bianca.

Dayybella notes that being the first to bring business and brunches together to the Atlanta area sets Ladies Who Brunch apart from the rest. “Before Ladies Who Brunch, brunching to this degree was not done at all. Growing from 15 to now having attendees in the hundreds, is an extremely significant difference,” says Bianca.

 Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta is a positive experience for women to create friendships or partnerships with women in various industries that is everlasting. “Building relationships at women’s empowerment events is important because you never know who you will meet and who will be a benefit to you. We have many women who have come together from this event and have built great businesses together,” says Dayybella.

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