Marvin & Gloria Smith On The Psychology Of Money

Global e​ntrepreneurs & recently published authors Marvin & Gloria Smith are one of a kind, when it comes to business, unmatched customer service and most importantly results. Everything this power couple touches, turns to gold whether it’s improving independent business owners, credit or leading top corporations out of debt , the Smiths are full of power, potential and well respected throughout the industry of credit repair, business coaching and more.

The couple is gearing up to launch their book entitled “The Psychology Of Credit” and it is set to be released at the end of this month, and available everywhere. “The Psychology Of Credit” is a comprehensive handbook that outlines fun and convenient ways to save money, invest and increase your credit score long term. “We believe & trust in money as a “tool”, but credit is something far more powerful, credit is forever,” Gloria Smith said.

Both Marvin and Gloria have been noted as the credit expert witnesses and two of the best credit repair experts throughout the United States, with emphasis on South markets, such as Atlanta Georgia. The dynamic duo also own and operate their own restaurant, Cafe Social House, in Atlanta which is super successful and a who’s who haven.

Not to be marginalized by the food and credit repair industry, the Smith’s also lead within their full service consulting company “DKR Group”. DKR is a multifaceted company that offers one-on-one business coaching and encouraging credit repair programs. “We discovered the secret to unconventional wealth and success you can be proud of, we want you to be enriched and inspired daily, and we want to share it with everyone who wants to build for a bright future” Marvin Smith said.

You can follow the Smith’s on IG @gloriasmith678 & @marvinsmith678

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