Men Of IMPACT: Summer Issue


What does it mean to lead with distinction? It’s about setting yourself apart through excellence, integrity, innovation, and a clear vision. It means demonstrating exceptional qualities and achieving results that distinguish you as a leader.

In this month’s issue of IMPACT-Magazine, we’re thrilled to highlight our “Men of IMPACT” who exemplify these qualities, making profound differences in their communities and industries.

Dr. Evan Brown, driven by a passion for empowering the next generation, founded Meet & Teach, a global non-profit offering hands-on media workshops to underprivileged youth. Kenneth Boggs, an expert suitor, co-founded The Kenneth Boggs Group, a global business firm with a philanthropic focus. His vision addresses crucial issues like public infrastructure, education, affordable housing, and healthcare.

Emmanuel Nnah developed an exotic car empire, showcasing his business acumen and innovative spirit. Marcus Jones, with his visionary leadership, has propelled Miss Essie’s Southern BBQ into partnerships with prestigious names like Smith’s, Whole Foods Markets, Nicholas and Co, and Sysco.

Inspired by his Puerto Rican heritage and his grandmother’s love for Raphael-inspired cherubic angels, Jon Stan’s design journey led to his signature oversized patches on hats. What began as a personal expression soon caught the eye of giants like New Era and the NBA, catapulting him into the spotlight.

Corey J. Hodges, serving as Lead Pastor of The Point Church and the Chaplain for the NBA Utah Jazz team, offers spiritual guidance and support to players and staff, making a significant impact behind the scenes.

Dive into the stories of these remarkable men who lead with distinction and have dedicated their lives to making an IMPACT! Click on the cover to read the entire Summer issue of IMPACT Magazine.

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