The Millennial Money Maven, Shaniqua Nicole, Of Legacy Financial Group Is On A Mission To Place $1 Trillion In The Hands Of Middle American Families And Businesses

Shaniqua Nicole is leading a team of 20 Wealth Education Advisors and Tax Professionals. She has worked in Wealth Management and Institutional Investment consulting for over 12 years and has joined the Jay Morrison Academy from her tax & investment firm of 10 years.

About Shaniqua Nicole

Shaniqua Nicole, Executive President of Legacy Financial, started her career in Finance when she was 19 and worked her way through college at one of the top investments and wealth management firms in the world, Merrill Lynch. Managing billion-dollar Institutional Investment funds she found her love for finance.

Over 13 years later, she has helped hundreds of businesses and families save money in taxes (almost 7 figures in this year alone), trained over 20 people through our TaxPro Franchise program to launch their own successful tax business, educated thousands via online platforms on personal finance, and she still helps families protect their assets to this day.

As the Executive President of Legacy Financial, Shaniqua is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Jay Morrison’s Legacy Center’s Financial Services division which focuses on taxes, life insurance, financial planning and wealth management strategies.

About Legacy Financial Group Legacy Financial Group is a national Financial Services and Wealth Management firm on a mission to place $1 Trillion in the hands of middle American Families and Businesses by protecting and growing their assets through financial literacy and access to business and financial planning.  

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