T. Marie Tells You Why It’s Time For No More Boyfriends

Do you ever wonder why some women give their all to a relationship without an official title? If so, T. Marie has a startling revelation: You can’t play the role of a wife in the absence of the ring.

As the founder of the NO MORE BOYFRIENDS movement and CEO of her own syndicated radio show, T. Marie has garnered the attention of many women with her catchphrase: No More Boyfriends.  As love and fate would have it, the phrase morphed into an online community that shares tips for fearless dating and falling in love on your own terms. In her candidly inspiring book, T. Marie exposes the lies and misconceptions that far too often hinder us from living in the abundance of self-love with the lies that many of us have adopted as our truths when it comes to love and marriage. T. Marie proclaims that we deserve more!

T. Marie’s Book, No Moe Boyfriends, Is Available At

Ironclad with candid and courageous humor, T. Marie uncrates the misconceptions of personal experiences that left her feeling unworthy of true love and reveals practical strategies to unravel the greatest love of all. No More Boyfriends is the “Girlfriend Talk” you never even knew that you needed.

T. Marie says, “The book is about a woman’s accountability in having the relationship she wants. I am a relationship advocate and I also do quarterly relationship panel called “The Conversation”.

Look for T. Marie on tour with the 100 Black Men & Women of IMPACT launching her book. Be sure to RSVP for your tickets at

Follow T. Marie on social media @tmarie4u and you can purchase the book from or on Amazon on November 1st!

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