Sis, It’s Not About Your Waist Size, It’s About You

2020 taught us that health and wellness are important. Our health is our wealth. Without our health we cannot leave a legacy for our loved ones.

There are 4 things that we need to practice as we transition into our healthy and powerful beautiful selves. Over the next four weeks we will go over these actions to develop new healthy habits.  These action steps are more holistic but are the foundation for sustainable health and wellness. There is no quick fix for poor habits that took years to build, Amen.



Stress Management

Physical Activity

First, I would like to say that we are not going to focus on numbers, but we are going to focus on ourselves. Your numbers or weight loss will change over time. When we focus on numbers, we often fail, but we are here to create your healthy to leave a legacy for your future generations.

Mindfulness allows you to create health boundaries for yourself. Mindfulness allows you to be aware of yourself and things that you want to work on. It allows us to create new paths and observe our thoughts and emotions as we invite healthier habits into our life.

How Do I Practice –

Pay attention – Be aware of what you want to change, but you need to make clear to yourself. If you have an illness or just want to feel better overall. Make note of how you feel when this effects your life, how you eat, how you respond, and then note how you want to respond and how you want live.

Live in the moment – Focus on the now and give thinks for your process. This allows you gain clarity of your process and see the changes that you need to make and allow you to appreciate where you are as you are transitioning into a healthier you.

Accept yourself – This step is the deal breaker right here. We all have insecurities that limit us from accepting our greatness. Accepting yourself allows you to value all of you unconditionally while being brutally honest with yourself to see where you need to make changes. When we do not accept ourselves, we cause stress, which creates illness.                                   

Focus on your breathing – Breathing is important for multiple reasons, but really focusing on breathing creates a peace within ourselves. Focus your attention on your breath, the inhale and exhale. (Take longer and deeper breathes) We breath all the time, so you can do this while standing or sitting. Deep breathing allows you to sow your heart rate and tells your brain to relax.


This is the first step in creating your healthy. Please join us for the rest of this month for other tips to help you transition into your better health. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to receive your FREE Impact – Healthier Me 2021 Journal that is filled with these tips and so much more.

Gwendolyn S. Woody, LPN
The Nutritionist and Nurse
Instagram: @thenutritionistandnurse

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