Philanthropist T’Juanna Winters Is On A Mask Off Mission

Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, T’Juanna Winters has become a godsend to her community. From adopting schools to building churches in her Dallas, TX community, she has earned the title “Fairy Godmother”.

Through her foundation Lil Lizzie, T’Juanna has dedicated herself to bring high-impact awareness to communities in need. Adding to her growing list of philanthropic deeds, the Texas-native is now on a mission to help women tear down the walls that hinder them from succeeding, with her Mask Off event.

The Mask Off Women’s Conference objective is for attendees who are seeking to let go of their past in order to move forward to better themselves. “I thought it was important to start the Mask Off event series because it’s time we have honest conversations about the many topics that affect women,” T’Juanna shared exclusively with IMPACT Magazine. “At times, we have so many issues weighing on our hearts it can be painful. It is time we get it off our chest and seek the support or help needed.”

T’Juanna did not become a mogul by waiting for opportunities. In order to become a mogul, she learned the significance of having her personal affairs in order. “Being CEO of your life is knowing what is acceptable and knowing when to let go of people who do not serve a purpose,” she shares. “Most importantly, put God first; know that you are worthy of love, especially self-love.” These are all the golden nuggets that will be shared at the Mask Off Women’s Conference through the Lil Lizzie Foundation.

In the future, you can expect the Lil Lizzie Foundation to help more people and organizations outside of Texas and hopefully around the world. “I desire to see more churches and schools provide the needs of the people in the community and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.”
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