8 Black Designers Who’ve Created Masterpieces To Protect Against COVID-19

Within the past 30 days, it has become the new normal for some to wear protective masks when venturing outside for essential items. According to the CDC, there are 787,876 confirmed cases of people who have the virus, 42,080 deaths, with 71,429 who have recovered in the United States.

Considering there is not a vaccine immediately available for those who choose to have it administered and new cases popping up every day, the need for protective clothing has become an immediate need. Designers from around the country have stepped up to provide the necessary protective wear to medical professionals and their customers.

We found 8 black designers who are creating masterpieces to protect their customers.

1) ABEILLE CREATIONS @abeillecreations

Photo courtesy of Instagram/abeillecreations

2) SIX20 @six20style

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@six20style

3) AKESE STYLELINES @akesestylines

Photo courtesy of Instagram/akesestylines

4) JAESYN BURKE COUTURE @itsme_jaesyn

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@itsme_jaesyn

5) FASHION JUNKIEE @fashionjunkiee4real

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fashionjunkiee4real

6) OFF THE HANGER @off_thehanger

Photo courtesy of Instagram/ @off_thehanger

7) MO MCKENZIE STYLES @momckenziestyles

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@momckenziestyles

8) SHAVI LEWIS @shavilewis

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@shavilewis

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