Mieka Joi Brings Us Rich Girl Candy

An eye for fashion is not a talent you are born with, but in rare cases you find individuals that burst into the world with their god given talents along with their name & birthdate. Just like that they can fill a fashion gap, spin a fashion trend & to say the least, create style looks that only an artist can design. This mark of distinction can be found in emerging designers such as Mieka Joi.

Mieka Joi is an American fashion designer, creative and lifetime student to the ever-evolving fashion industry. She has been in love with fashion her entire life and reflects on her upbringing, always filled with love, strength, and fashion; lots of fashion! “There was always a reason to get dressed up, in my household, always a special occasion to indulge in fashion, accessories and everything beauty.” Joi adds.

The keen designer and Chicago native carries a respected styling resume filled with both athletes & celebrities in which she has styled prior to launching her luxury brand Rich Girl Candy. Mieka Joi’s brand can be described as explosive favor “for the fashion sweet tooth”. The innovative brand was launched in 2013 and is quickly becoming one of the countries most loved and recognizable brands.

Rich Girl Candy is a lifestyle brand comprised of sweat suites, one of a kind hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and accessories. In addition to being showcased at both NYFW 2013 NYFW 2015, the Rich Girl Candy brand is also one listed within many A-list celebrities go to brand.

Future goals for the fashion entrepreneur & designer include: launching more explosive designs and seasonal collections, expanding the Rich Girl Candy brand as a whole and contributing styling & creative efforts to other international brands.

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Photography by:
Shaun Michaels @shaun_michael_photos
Megan Christina @m.christina

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