Meet The First Black Woman Owned Manufacturing Company To Use Organic Cotton From African Farmers

Tameka Peoples, a native of Sacramento, CA is the founder, CEO, and managing director of Seed2Shirt has sincerely done the work of leading her company to great levels of success.

Taking her company from a small-scale independent consulting firm, all the way to supporting Omni-bus multiyear multi-million-dollar federal contracts with global giants such as AT&T. She didn’t just stop at “solo” accomplishments and profits, it was always more than just about “profits, it was about purpose and people. She is also, the visionary Founder-Board of Director and President of the Peoples Foundation, and practice’s what she preaches and believes when saying, “We have to be the change”.

Tameka’s goal for 2022 is Professional development in the southeast region which will include her attending a textile production certification course and pursuing her master’s in Regenerative Agriculture at HBCU — NCA&T while learning a second language — French. All these things professional development endeavors will help her lead and grow Seed2Shirt and become and remain an advocate for African- Americans to be global citizens by leading and actively being involved in Global trade with Africa.

Tameka leads with her heart and a focus on improving the lives of people and the planet. This has guided her in making products people/businesses need all while supporting the very people, community, and planet that is so critical in making that product. It has also led to successful businesses and non-profit organizations leading with this very mission vision at the forefront of all she does.

Those who get a taste of her work running a nonprofit and supporting farmer in the US and Africa can’t believe the love, heart, and commitment she puts into everything she does with great intention. The goal is to positively impact over 350,000 organic cotton farmers in W. Africa: Burkina Faso with the program and services which have already positively impacted over 3,000 US African American farmers.

Other endeavors Tameka is a part of include being the founder of the Veteran Non-profit organization Peoples Foundation CCMVS and being an advisory board member of — White Buffalo Land Trust. Also, she is a published author in a co-author book series Goddesses Among Us series — Book 1 / Best Seller and Best Seller International list and a member of Women in Cotton Initiative.

Be sure to follow @seed2shirt for all of their endeavors.

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