Two Sisters Revolutionize The Luxury Glass Drinkware Industry Drinkware is a minority, and woman-owned luxury glass drinkware company headquartered in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Founded by sisters Renee (CEO) and Nicole (COO) in December 2020, Drinkware has quickly become a sought after brand  due to its high-quality products and relentless customer focus. They have been featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2023!

Inspired by unique expression, fun, and community, Drinkware offers an extraordinary experience in every sip of authentic and beautifully designed glasses. Bonded by love and laughter, Renee and Nicole have always shared beautiful moments together over a glass of their favorite drink. To the sisters, these memories went beyond the brim and inspired them to create a drinkware brand that would replicate the joy and excitement that they experience when they get together.

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