Award-Winning Canadian Digital Storyteller Partners To Film IMPACT Black Women Television Special In Utah

Toronto-born director, Tristan Barrocks, owns and operates the brand #TheDigitalStorytellers, which uses storytelling to connect brands with consumers. He specializes in grounded, authentic, and human-centred stories that connect with the people who watch them, applying his humanistic approach to work for brands as varied as IKEA Canada, Top Shop, YouTube, Roots Canada, and Apple.

Barrocks infuses his work with real-life experience garnered from his experience as a husband and father. With a passion for storytelling told from a humorous perspective, he is adept at connecting with others, leading to a deep understanding of how to present their story.

Several of his projects over the years, including 2018’s Connecting the Dots and 2020’s Praise & Worship, have been screened at film festivals including the Hollywood North Film Festival and the Toronto Black Film Festival.

Mr. Barrocks has been nominated and won the 2013 MARTY award for Digital Media, Emerging Artist, for producing and directing an art piece.  He went on to develop his art even further making a name for himself in the field.

The Mississauga Arts Awards (The MARTYS) is the Mississauga Arts Council’s annual award that recognizes outstanding artists who have made a significant contribution to the Mississauga area.

“Women are incredible.  So often, we place our own expectations on what we believe women should be instead of allowing them to just, be. They nurture, teach, train, inspire, challenge, motivate, lead, and do so much more.  As a man, I am excited for events like these because it creates an environment of possibilities without expectations.”


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