Tina Fobbs Created Hair Care Line After Struggling With Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair care is self care, and self care is essential. Do you really know what’s in your hair care products? Georgia based entrepreneur and wellness advocate, Tina Fobbs, created pHyre Hair Co. after having her own struggles with postpartum hair loss. Although the brand is fairly new to the mainstream market, the products have been helping women succeed during their healthy hair growth journey’s since 2015.

When you use pHyre Hair care products, you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals and compounds that can damage your hair. The entire product line is produced from a plant based formula making it a paraben and cruelty free alternative to effectively cleanse, condition, moisturize and strengthen hair that is prone to breakage and dryness. “My main goal was to provide consumers with a top-quality, pH balanced, and natural products that combat ongoing issues of hair loss, thinning and dryness.”

Creator of pHyre Hair Care, Tina Fobbs

The Grow My Hair Healthy Kit contains the best natural ingredients including:

  1. Neem (The best herb for healthy hair growth & helps treat scalp issues like traction alopecia)
  2. Coconut (Increases shine & best for retaining moisture)
  3. Lavender- (Speeds up hair growth)
  4. Peppermint- (increases circulation for hair growth)

All of these ingredients plus other herbs and oils known for their
strengthening and hair growth stimulating properties have been merged into an exclusive combination to deliver the most reliable, safe and healthy results for women. The Grow My Hair Healy Kit, which includes Lavender Mint Hydrating Shampoo and Condition & Day 7 Maximum Hair ReGrowth Oil, strengthens and nourishes hair without sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, propylene glycol, paraffins, phthalates, petrolatum or drying alcohols.

When the products are quality, hair types don’t matter! It’s no secret that the products you use make all of the difference in the health of your hair. pHyre Hair Co. products are available at select beauty supply stores and online at

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