Black-Owned Private Membership Club, The Gathering Spot, Pledges 15K To Small Businesses, Continues To Pay Staff Through Closures & More Amid COVID-19 Crisis

People worldwide have been hit hard by the unforeseen circumstances regarding the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Small businesses nationwide, like Atlanta based private membership club – The Gathering Spot, have been deeply effected financially leading to major shifts in their daily operations. The Gathering Spot, who pride themselves on putting their community first, has just announced their pledge of $15,000 to support local small businesses within their community. Within this pledge, The Gathering Spot will donate $15,000 of their April membership dues to provide in-need small businesses grants of $1000 or more. Alongside of the $15,000 fund, The Gathering Spot pledges to continue paying their full-time employees and providing them complimentary meals throughout their business closure period. “In short, we all we got. We’ve always known that, but today it’s more true than ever,” CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Wilson States.

The ownership duo Ryan Wilson and TK Petersen are calling on other members of the community to join them in efforts to continue to support the community of small business owners, creatives, service industry professionals and more, while the world continues to figure out ways to adjust during this pandemic.

Outside of this pledge, The Gathering Spot has launched their new digital platform, TGS Connect. TGS Connect will provide daily workshops, intimate discussions with power players such as Will Packer, free fitness/cooking classes and more to their membership community, as they continue to ‘gather’ them through this troubling time.

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