The Honey Pot Company Partners With Compass Diversified For $380 Million So Products Can Get In The Hands Of More Consumers

The Honey Pot Co., a trailblazing plant-based feminine hygiene brand, has sealed a groundbreaking $380 million partnership with Compass Diversified. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the natural feminine care sector, offering empowering choices to women everywhere.

Founded by Beatrice Dixon in 2012, The Honey Pot Co. has been a fierce advocate against harsh chemicals, resonating with women seeking healthier alternatives. With a strong presence in 33,000+ stores, including major retailers like Target and Walmart, their success is undeniable.

Beatrice Dixon shares her enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing alignment with CODI’s values. Elias Sabo, CEO of Compass Diversified, applauds The Honey Pot Co.’s innovation, recognizing vast growth opportunities ahead.

Fear not, The Honey Pot Co.’s core values stay intact! Beatrice remains CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, ensuring a seamless transition for accelerated growth. This partnership not only reshapes the industry but also strives to make natural solutions more accessible, reaching diverse communities.

Stay tuned! The acquisition is set to conclude in February, marking a new chapter for The Honey Pot Co. and a brighter, more holistic future for feminine care. HoneyPotCo #NaturalFeminineCare #EmpowerWomen

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