The Truth About Life After 30

They say that youth is wasted on the young and now that I’ve officially crossed over the 30 bridge, I’m starting to understand why.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m old by any means however, now that I’m out of those awful and awkward 20’s things are starting to look up.  I feel more knowledgeable and empowered to tackle many life decisions from my career path, finances, relationships and even sex.  Granted, there’s no magic trick being performed here, only growth and maturity but, after 30 there are just a few things you should have figured out about yourself like;

Who Has Time For Bad Sex?

I’m saying, this probably isn’t your first time at the rodeo.  Therefore, all the trial and error you may have encountered in your sexual past has led you to know exactly what you like and most importantly how you like it.  You’re grown now, so it’s ok to tell your partner your deepest, darkest, freakiest secrets and fantasies.  You should have consistent orgasms, and feel in tuned with your sexuality and/or preference by now.

If It Doesn’t Make You Happy, It Doesn’t Make Sense

It can be a job, relationship, school, religion etc.  Whatever it is, you should have found or are at least starting to find “your voice”.  Most of us spend our teens and 20’s wasting time trying to live the life we “think” we should or were told to.  When instead, we should really be finding ourselves and pursuing our life’s passion. Now, understand happens and most of us weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths. There are many people doing what they have to do to survive and feel stuck and trapped in their situations. I get it, been there done that.  So, if the idea of living out your “purpose” and finding your “passion” seems like some made up BS I assure you, no matter the circumstances it can be your reality. You have the power to change you, and live a fulfilling life in spite of whatever has happened.  Even if it seems impossible, commit to doing one thing that makes you happy because there is NOTHING worth your sanity or peace of mind.

Authentic Relationships

I always giggle when I see grown folk talking bad about a hater or a former friend.  I mean c’mon, I felt some kinda way when I stopped being best friends with a girl in high school but, I wish I would be in my feelings about ANYONE who doesn’t want to be in my life right now.  Hell, you get 10 cool points if you remove yourself without me having to say anything to you first.  Bottom line is this, life is short.  Too short to be associating yourself with people who are not genuinely there for you, supportive, brutally honest and wanting to see the best for you even if you fail to see it for yourself at times.


I’m not talking bundles, J’s, red bottoms or mani/pedis.  I’m talking mammographies, early prostate screenings, safe sex and regular STD/AIDS testing, getting enough rest, reducing stress, watching your food intake to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.  It’s not enough to keep up the outer shell of your body for appearances, you have to start taking care of the inside.  Prevention is key and while it’s never too early to start, you can start to care entirely too late.

Future Planning

Whether you listened to them or not, your parents were right; save your money.  If you haven’t started yet you actually still have time to get yourself on a nice track towards retirement.  Utilize your employer’s 401K, stock options or seek out a financial planner.  Decide if home ownership is something you want to tackle. If you have children, are you preparing for their college funds yet? If you want to adopt, have you considered the costs?  The thing is, you need money.  Instead of blowing it all on these temporary things, you should know by now that it’s time to start making more financially sound decisions for your future.



About the Author: @TheWIseGem is a Writer, Mother and avid believer in happily ever after. Follow her on Instagram|Twitter @TheWiseGem

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