The Tulsa Real Estate Fund – For Us By Us

“Tulsa Real Estate Fund is our opportunity to redirect our $1.2 trillion in spending power into collective ownership and control for the redevelopment of our communities.”

Jay Morrison, CEO of Tulsa Real Estate Fund

Urban neighborhoods across the nation do not have control of our dollars, our real estate and small business, and it is hard to find funding for real estate redevelopment within our community. As a result, across the country urban neighborhoods are being developed by individuals who do have the best interests of the community in mind. This leads to the displacement of longtime residents of the neighborhood, it also destroys community culture by increasing property values for residents, thus making the cost of housing in our community unaffordable. Tulsa Real Estate Fund is the solution to this problem.

Tulsa Real Estate Fund is a $50 million dollar Regulation A real estate crowdfund that finances urban redevelopment around the world, but primarily in the United States.

This 21st Century crowdfunding vehicle, allows members of the community, institutions and advocacy groups to own an equity stake in redevelopment projects funded by Tulsa Real Estate Fund. CEO, Jay Morrison calls this “Participation Pass Donation.” Every investor will have an equity interest in every project that they invest in, which enables you to take control of your community, circulate our dollars within, take pride in our neighborhoods and unite around our common goals.

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