Ticora Davis Is “The Creator’s Lawyer”: Helping Entreprenuers Protect Their Intellectual Property In These Internet Streets

In the Beginning
If you see her now in one of her many IG videos or one of her on-line courses it’s hard to believe that Ticora Davis was painfully shy and extremely sensitive as a child. So much so, that some dissuaded her from pursuing her dream of being a lawyer. So, instead Ticora decided to get a biology degree and planned to become a doctor, but after working in research and being introduced to how science and the law intersect, Ticora’s original dream of being a lawyer was rekindled. She shook off the doubts and enrolled in law school. After graduating from law school Ticora worked in various positions including as a trademark analyst, at an aerospace company and for a local attorney who’s management style was less than ideal.

Eventually Ticora was fired from the firm one month after giving birth to her first child. Looking back on the situation, Ticora now recognizes how that experience prepared her for her own entrepreneurial journey. While working in a firm where she was unhappy, Ticora learned how NOT to do things. She realized that no one was coming to save her, and that she would have to save herself. She came to the conclusion that the law firm she wanted to work for did not exist, so that meant she was supposed to create it. And so…the Creator’s Law Firm was born.

The Vision
From her time in college working in research Ticora had always loved interacting with inventors and being able to see and feel how excited they were with their creations. She knew that she wanted to work with people who had that kind of excitement and passion about their own projects. At the time Black women were starting businesses at higher rates and Ticora thought to herself:

“If I’m struggling to find an intellectual property law mentor, I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone looking for an attorney who looks like them, loves like them, and understands the hurdles that we face.”
And so…the Creator’s Law Firm was born.

The Creator’s Law Firm
At the Creator’s Law Firm, Ticora helps small business owners and on-line entrepreneurs “protect their smarts in these internet streets.” In addition to Copyright registrations, Trademark searches and registrations, contract drafting, and business entity formation, Ticora has also launched an on-line platform “The Dotted Line” where business owners can find contract templates, courses and other resources to help guide them on their entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurs may also benefit from joining Ticora’s Business Accountability Group on Facebook called “From A to IP”.

For the Culture
When we talked about what she loves about her work, I could hear the happiness in Ticora’s voice. She described the joy of having someone come to her and share their idea. She talked about getting chills when she intuitively knows that someone has created something spectacular that definitely needs protection. Ticora is passionate about her work. She provides, “culturally relevant legal content” that both educates and empowers her clients. She loves that she can take legal jargon and break it down so that “my people” can understand it and protect themselves. One of the reasons that Ticora is so passionate about her work is because of the unfortunate history of so many Black inventors, artists, and creators having their ideas stolen and not being able to reap the benefits of their own creations. In helping today’s creators protect themselves, Ticora is walking in her purpose.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
As a wife, a mother, and a successful business owner, I was curious how Ticora manages to keep it all together. Her response was, “I have a good husband and whole lot of help! Being equally yoked and having the right partner can really give you a lot of grace. If I didn’t have him believing in me I don’t think I would be the success that I am now.” Ticora described how her husband supported her at times when she was unemployed and didn’t really know what her next step should be. Instead of pressuring her or making her feel bad, his attitude was more like, “Whenever you figure out that thing…you’re gonna kill it.” And she’s been slaying ever since.

Advice, IMPACT, Inspiration
Ticora recalls that her Academic Advisor in college told her that she wouldn’t get accepted to any graduate school or law school. He was making judgments based on his own biases even though he wasn’t on anybody’s admissions committee and hadn’t even seen her applications. Her advice to young women would be to never accept a “no” from someone who is not in the position to give you a “yes.” Going forward, Ticora plans to grow her firm and she wants to help shape young attorneys. She wants to be an IMPACT by being the mentor that she was looking for early in her career. She also wants to provide employment opportunities for attorneys in a firm setting that understands the importance of life/work balance.

So if you’re an artist, a writer, a musician or another type of small business or entrepreneur, and you need to get your intellectual property edges laid, The Creator’s Law Firm’s got what you need. So head over to to schedule a discovery call or check out Ticora’s on-line courses and contract templates at You can also follow Ticora on IG @creatorslawyer.

By Nicci Page

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