Black Owned Gourmet Spice Company To Open In Utah

Shadonna “Sha,” a veteran and military spouse, brings the world of flavor to you with Palate Gourmet. She has seen up-close the array of emotions food can evoke in a person. Through Palate Gourmet, she wants to give joy and comfort with a taste of home.

She founded Palate Gourmet LLC out of her passion for food and travel. Palate Gourmet is a gourmet company that specializes in artisanal spices, sauces, infused olive oils, and balsamic vinegar. For Sha, Southern food is steeped in culture, a synthesis of West African and Creole heritage and cuisines that create a culinary category all on its own, most commonly referred to as Soul food.

As one of the few globally spice companies in the U. S., Sha was quoted as saying, “My greatest motivation is seeing the people’s expressions and the warm smiles of joy as they partake in the culinary experience that I am providing with Palate.” Like most in the South, Sha’s family did not have much in terms of financial wealth or material possessions, but they did have values, morals, religion, and great food.

From combining spice that make gourmet meals easier to monthly collections, that bring globally tastes and spices from around the world to your doorstep, Consumers can embark on culinary adventures worldwide from the comforts of their own homes with Palate Gourmet’s line of regionally inspired spice and sauces.

March 18th beginning at 9am, Palate Gourmet will host its Grand Opening at their new location, 225 North East Promontory, Farmington Station, Utah. The location is next to Columbia Sportswear. 

If you’re in the area, be sure to plan to attends follow @thepalategourmet on IG.

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