Tajuana Roberts Is The First Black Woman To Own A Transportation & Logistics Academy In Houston

Who is Tajuana Roberts? Aside from being the Founder of Roberts Transportation & Logistics Academy, Tajuana is a business executive, wife, and mother. Tajuana started her career in Transportation and Logistics, and later transitioned into Finance working in the offshore drilling sector. During Tajuana’s tenure in Transportation / Logistics and the Oil and Gas sector, she learned the infrastructure to operating a business, unknowing to Tajuana that the skills she had acquired would catapult her into the next chapter of her career.

Tajuana’s favorite quote is from the book of Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”

Tragedy birthed a new vision

In 2017 the City of Houston was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, a storm that left the city submerged underwater for months. In the aftermath of the storm, Tajuana found herself unemployed and destitute, with many of her possessions claimed by Hurricane Harvey. Tajuana had to rebuild, like many other Houstonians that had been impacted by the hurricane event. Tajuana’s experience while rebuilding during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey provided her with the vision to start her 1st company, Roberts Freight Dispatching Services. Tajuana witnessed many people displaced and wanted to provide opportunities to individuals, especially women, who had been incarcerated and/or come from low-income families through providing them education, training, employment, and financial empowerment services.

Finding purpose through helping others, Tajuana has helped over 1500 people throughout the United States

While operating Roberts Freight Dispatching Services, Tajuana encountered many individuals looking to break into the logistics industry. Tajuana would provide knowledge on an ad-hoc basis, however, she knew that she wanted to provide a solution for the masses. In an effort to help others Tajuana launched Roberts Transportation & Logistics Academy. Tajuana was recognized by the City of Houston as the 1st African American woman to own & operate a transportation and logistics academy. The Academy has trained 1500 people around the globe, including 600 within the past 11 months alone during the global pandemic.

Tajuana is excited to continue her journey helping others break into the Logistics sector.

About Roberts Transportation and Logistics Academy

Roberts Transportation & Logistics Academy is an academy that educates, cultivates, and equips individuals throughout the Texas Gulf Coast Region. We take pride in providing certified training for individuals that may have been incarcerated, disenfranchised, or displaced. We also provide services to individuals who come from low-income backgrounds or who have significant barriers to employment. Our academy inspires and motivates our clients to be the best version of themselves while pursuing the career path of their choice. We know that the power and purpose in work can help change the lives of many and their communities.

Photo credit: Rae Kade Photography

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