Celebrity Ghostwriter Launching T-Shirt and Lifestyle Brand to Fund Literacy Camp for Kids to Become Published Authors

At the age of 10, Ardre Orie learned the art of storytelling. She wrote and published her first book and the rest was history.  “I was responsible for creating all of my content as well as hosting a book signing. I can recall inviting the press and the media as well. It was almost as if the school shut down for a moment because I had written a book. My mother still has the newspaper article that I was featured in. That day, I learned that stories could bring people together and that they could be monetized.

Orie went on to college to earn three degrees in education but the writing was still in her heart.  After making the decision to resign from her job as fan Assistant Principal, she took a leap of faith to launch 13th & Joan Publishing House, an independent publishing conglomerate that is said to be the fastest growing home to stories for people of color.  Orie has worked tirelessly to ensure that the greatest stories of don’t go left untold because mainstream media denies that there is a market for them and to ensure that we understand the business of publishing books.

As a Celebrity Ghostwriter, Orie has been referred to as “The Queen of Storytelling”. Her clientele includes VH1, BET, MTV, Centric, the NFL, as well as Grammy Award-winning artist under her belt.  She is a constant force of inspiration for books and stories. “I just believe that our stories are valuable blueprints that illuminate paths for others to follow and rays of hope that let us know that we can be all that we are purposed to become.”

In February of 2019, in response to the countless tragedies surrounding violence and police brutality inflicted upon unarmed black men, Orie launched 100 Seeds of Promise ( to empower 100 black men to become published authors. Since launching, we have had an overflow of men desiring to tell their stories and we will continue this great work.

In June of 2019, Orie will launch The 10% Project (, to empower women entrepreneurs to write and publish books that enhance their marketing initiatives and tell the stories of their brand.

Her latest venture, True Story Threads (, is a t-shirt and lifestyle brand that is purposed to remind us to tell our stories and to walk unapologetically in our truths. The brand has an edge and I believe that it will resonate with many. Orie describes True Story Threads as the “space where culture and stories collide”.  The signature X featured on the garments and lifestyle accessories stands for “Freedom”. The message is clear, “Hello world, I am here. I love and accept myself and my story is valuable,” states Orie.

A portion of the proceeds from True Story Threads will be donated in support of “We’ve Got Stories To Tell,  a literary camp that will empower youth ages 10-17 to tell their stories and become published authors through 13th & Joan Publishing House.

“For me, this is the year of planting seeds to ensure that the literacy initiatives that I have dreamed of materialize and empower the masses.  Every face has a story and the world is better for it. I know without question that these seeds will reap a prosperous harvest that will supersede my lifetime. This is a legacy worth creating. As I always say, we’ve got stories to tell!”

Be sure to follow Ardre Orie “The Queen of Storytelling” on all social media @iamardreorie or her website and visit 13th & Joan Publishing House on all social media @13thandjoan and their website if you are ready to tell your story.

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  • Jo Ann Jenkins

    I thank you for the article on 13th and Joan Publishing House. The owner is to be commended for giving a voice to those who might never be heard.

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  • Darcy

    This Sista Is Phenomenal!!! ???

    May 2, 2019 at 8:26 pm Reply
  • Dotun Dawodu

    An Encourager and a Lady with love in her Soul.
    You’re Beautiful Ardre Orie ❤️

    May 28, 2019 at 12:19 pm Reply
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