DJ XO: What’s In A Name? 

Summer night on the Westside of the city. Tucked in a small industrial area, away from the normal hustle and bustle lies the Galleria 314 and it’s packed with locals , industry insiders, and the curious to see if the hype is real about the Young Legend.

After a few pics and some networking, DJ XO walks in and commands all attention just like a star. A cardinal rule of being influential is to make women want you and men want to be you, and the room seems 50/50 split between both.

DJ XO wastes no time, he grabs the mic, leads with confidence and the party begins!

Notable songs 
Big Bank: the H Town artist flips the classic Ghetto Boys sample “Minds Playin Tricks”. With a very catchy hook and a even catchier sticado flow this is sure to have heavy rotation in your city.

What you Sayin: this track has a more ambient vibe , hard hitting drums and a commanding chorus. The hypnotizing flow gives the song serious play back value. 

TBA: This one XO announces himself, “This for the strip club” and I gotta agree, this is something to throw some money to. The bouncy cadence and the high hats, paint the perfect picture of a “magic city Monday”… This one is a go!! 

Candy: I must be late on this. I seem to be the only one who didn’t know the words. Once the bass dropped, faces turned and the dance floor filled, proving he already has the following in the ATL. 

Lifestyle: XO announced this song explaining the humble conditions which he came “living in shelters, coming from morning” instantly making him relatable, another box checked. And he interpolates the Big Tymers “Get Yo Roll On” flow. Can’t go wrong with that! 

Look Like Money: The song sounds like the title if that makes sense. In your face, braggadocio, bravado, flamboyant. I can see this song being great to perform with a lot of crowd response.

TBA: This song has an infectious piano track that makes it soulful but the Tanto Metro “Everyone falls in love sometimes” interpolation gives it the instant pop appeal.

Big Dog: This song sounds grand it sounds like the mission statement for the project. All the work you put in, sleeplesss nights and sacrifices paying off. XO carries himself like a Big Dog for sure!

TBA: The first thing I noticed on this song is the slowed down Patrice Rushen “Remind Me” sample. The vibe made it feel like 1994 for me, I’m always looking for Nostalgia. This is one of those strong album cuts that could be a single.

Dj XO is not your stereotypical H Town artist, aside from a surprise ZRO feature its no lean, no Swagers, no grills. Instead he has nostalgia, pop appeal, strong melody and great content. As I play the cut I can see everyone grasping for his attention. A handshake here, a picture there, but it seems like a regular Tuesday for the budding star. The hype is real. 

Written by: @cashgotti

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