Knowing Your Worth – What Does This Really Mean?

It’s a common phrase, almost cliché at this point.  You see it on memes, hear it from your favorite inspirational speakers and it just sounds profound; “know your worth”. The internet is filled with self-proclaimed life betterment guru’s offering well worded inspirational tips in 140 characters or less but, what does this statement mean and how are you supposed to do it? It may sound like good advice but,  without guidance on how to achieve it is it really a helpful tool to better your life or just a catchphrase?

Knowing your worth is a really broad statement that does not hardly begin to justify the reasoning for your life’s failures, missteps or heartaches.  To presume that you entered a bad relationship, landed a bad job or suffered a failed marriage as a result of NOT knowing your worth, seems to trivialize the scope of the situation you may have found yourself in at the time.  In reality, most of our decisions are based upon core values, morals, and learned behavior’s either taught or experienced.  Therefore, it is not a lack of knowing your worth rather a lack of truly understanding how to require others to treat you as well as how you perceive yourself.  Most of the time, when you find yourself unhappy with personal relationships, your career or life in general it’s due to an internal sense of discontent. Your inner-self wants more out of the situation you’re in and there’s a conflict between how things are versus what you truly want them to be.  That’s the easy part.  Deep down, we know what we want but, we have no idea how are we supposed to get it.
Start Small
When you finally reach a point where you want a better life for yourself by any means, you have to start somewhere.  Choose to make some small but, significant changes in your everyday routine.  Wake up earlier, start an exercise regimen or meditation routine.  Eat healthier, drink water, less social media and more social interaction. Rediscover a favorite hobby or pastime, do something that you are passionate about or learn something new. Be intentional about making slight changes that are a break from your routine that add value to your day.
Make time for you
I know, I know. You’re thinking, “How am I supposed to make time for myself with only 24 hours in a day”? Well, the answer is, you make time.  You may decide to take an extended shower or a walk to clear your thoughts. Whatever you choose, make sure you create space in your day to do something just for you to unwind even if it means you stop and do nothing at all.
Learn The Art Of Saying No
No. This beautiful two letter word is a sentence in itself and does not require reasoning or explanation.  If you are the type of person who struggles with saying no to people then I encourage you to practice saying it.  One way to gauge if it’s appropriate to say no is to ask yourself the following: “Can this be done without me”?  “Can I show them how to get this done so I am not the only resource”? “Is this being pawned off on me”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can say no.
The most important lesson to learn on the path to self-love and awareness is, we teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.  If you are unhappy with the outcome of your interactions with others, step your game up.  Treat yourself with the respect, love and attention you wish to gain from others and watch them fall in line.  If they don’t get on board, then let them go. Shed the dead weight and usher in a season of personal growth where you will attract the right kind of people who will value and respect you.
Xoxo- @TheWiseGem
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