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Niya Brown-Matthews Brings Soulfood Sessions To Atlanta

Women came from all over the country to attend the empowering, “Soulfood Sessions”, presented by Niya Brown-Matthews. The event brought about a sisterhood with the 50 women who came to the delightful brunch. There was a release of burdens in the atmosphere. A brick that was passed around amongst the women, signified the burden. Through the speaking of the burden and through prayer, the women were able to release that thing into the atmosphere. As Niya told each of them that they have to do the work to keep that thing… whatever it may be…. away! Burdens will come and go, it is how we respond to them determines how long they may last. Niya Group

Niya Table The room was all things women, beautifully decorated and the food at the League Tavern was a great delight! We had Mimosa’s while we were networking with each other. The event was amazing and will be in a city near you. If you are seeking an event to not only fill you with food, but to replenish your soul, Niya Brown-Matthew’s “Soulfood Sessions” is exactly where you should be.

Remember to always be an IMPACT,

Tunisha C. Brown

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